Spring Land

  • Saturday 11th October 2014

We arrived at Spring Land, entering from the side entrance. This entrance is nearest to the roller coaster. Earlier today we had visited Hannibal Park but were not able to ride the coasters there due to the park opening in the evenings. We were excited about getting our first Tunisian credits here. Our hearts sunk when we first caught glimpse of a piece of track laying separated from the main body of the coaster. Maintenance work for the coaster was being carried out by service men that had come from Italy to do the required work. After speaking to the manager it became clear that the coaster would not open at all this week. We asked if we could walk around and take photos as the park was closed and would open late afternoon but that too was declined. I walked around the parks perimeter and put my new cameras long zoom in action to capture the photos for this report.

Side entrance to Spring Land.
Part of the track removed so maintenance work could be carried out.

Service men working on the coaster.

Wild wind cars separated.

Most of the rides are aimed at children. Here are some ride photos that I took from outside of the park.

This water ride is just outside the park.

Main entrance to the park.

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