Soukra Parc

  • Sunday 12th October 2014

 Sometimes it pays to visit non-coaster parks, you never know what you may find. A few years back we found a wooden mouse coaster in Indonesia. Soukra Parc had no coasters so it was placed last on our list of parks to visit. We saw a coaster while parking the car which got us excited but were even more surprised when we realised that there was another coaster so that makes it two new coaster finds from a park that we were not expecting much.

We headed to the SFB Take off first. This coaster was previously at Hannibal Park. The second coaster is a L&T Mini Coaster called Pepeto. The only other ride we rode was the haunted house at the rear of the park. By this time we were hungry and tired so we headed back to our hotel very happy.

Impressive looking entrance for the park.


 SFB Take off

L&T Mini Coaster called Pepeto.

Children's driving school

    Swing ship

Haunted house was previously at Hannibal Park.

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