Carthageland Tunis

  • Sunday 12th October 2014

Carthageland Tunis was not on our itinerary since it was unknown to us. We learned of this park from our night-time visit to Happy Land-Dahdah . Both parks are separated by a small alleyway. Looking over from Happyland, we were excited to see a ride that looked like an Eos Wild Twister.

Our driver took us to the wrong entrance, meaning a good ten minute's walk to the right one. Our driver's bad luck continued as he opened the door a taxi driver rammed in to it. Luckily he didn't get injured. We left him to fight it out with the taxi driver while we made our way to the correct entrance.

 Carthageland is essentially a beautiful water park with some dry rides thrown in. We made our way to the ride we had assumed was a coaster, only to find out that it was really a shuttle ride.

Mini- Frisbee, Disco, bumper cars and a rope course are some of the other major rides.

Cathageland has a pay-one-price entrance.

 Entrance to Carthage land is through this gate.

Carthage land is mainly a water park with a few dry rides thrown in for good measure. 

The park is nicely themed.

Mini Frisbee is one of the dry rides.

This ride is what we had mistaken for a coaster.

 It's definitely not a roller coaster.


Rope course

Bumper cars. 

Cute character

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    nice park, nice games..