Carthageland Hammamet

  • Sunday 12th October 2014

We had retained our driver from yesterday as he knew what we were all about and he also knew all of the parks we wanted to visit on our second day in Tunisia. The day started by visiting Carthageland Hammamet, which is Tunisia's premier park. The park is an hours drive south of the capital, Tunis.

One thing you notice while driving around Tunisia is that there are a lot of checkposts and a large police presence all over the country. Our driver got stopped by the police and got a large fine for not having complete papperwork

Carthageland Hammamet  is head and shoulders above all other parks in the country. The theming is top notch--comparable to parks in the Western world. The star attraction here are the water rides. Both the log flume and the rapids ride are well themed. The park also boast a large number of children's rides, again all beautifully themed. 

Park entrance

Entrance plaza

Themed characters throughout the park.

The well themed log flume was one of the better rides in the park

Cute toilet sign.

Children's rides

Spinning rides

The Tunisian Dumbo ride

Children's train ride

Pirate Swing Ship

Rapids Ride

Elaborate bumper cars

Flat ride

This indoor water ride is outside the main park and requires a separate ticket.

Some gruesome scenes, But all are well themed

The entrance to the resort

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