Sightseeing in Tunis

Sightseeing in Tunis

  • Monday 13th October 2014

Our last day in Tunisia was set aside for some sightseeing. The day was spent visiting the Tunis Medina and some sights close by.

Entrance arch that leads to Tunis Medina

The start of the bazaar

 Tight alleyways was not easy to pass through due to the crowds.

Some parts of the Medina was extremely busy.

Everything imaginable was sold in this bazaar.

A nicely decorative nut platter.

kasbah square tunis

Our last meal in Tunisia.

Followed by some gelato, yummy!

Local bakery

The only branded store we came across during our stay.

We popped into a small shopping mall.

Found some fish in the supermarket.

Fresh vegetables
Rather plush supermarket in the malls basement.

Final words...

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