Happy Land - Dahdah

  • Sunday 12th October 2014

Happy Land - Dahdah is next door to Tunis International Airport. RCDB had listed two coasters here, but while researching the trip I noticed that the bigger coaster, a Zyklon/Galaxi, was missing from the latest Google imagery. The smaller coaster was listed as a powered coaster but after seeing it in the flesh we found that it was a Cavazza Diego Super Nessie junior coaster. 

Two Western tourists taking random photos around the park can attract a fair amount of attention in this part of the world. We were sauced out by the ride maintenance manager, who was interested in seeing what we were up to. Chatting with him, we found out that the bigger coaster was removed in January of 2014, as it had become unsafe and the cost to repair it was too great. A lot of larger Huss spin rides were on their last legs too, and would be replaced in the near future. He also told us that the park had been speaking to a agent in Italy about bringing Vertigo, the Looping Star from Zoomarine (near Rome, Italy), to Tunisia.

Finally he mentioned that the park had been resting on its laurels for far too long; with Carthageland opening next door they now have some strong competition. 

This would be the parks main street

Being close to the airport all future rides will have to be no higher than this big Ferris Wheel.

Speedy is a Cavazza Diego, Super Nessie Junior Coaster.

Carthageland in the background. The concrete patch that's between the other park and giant slide is were the larger coaster used to be. Hopefully this spot will house a new Schwarzkopf in the near future. 

This ride will be removed in the future.

Some aerial shots of the park from the Ferris wheel.

Happy Land is a park to keep your eye on as there will be some huge investment on the park in the next few years by its Saudi owners.

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