Final words...

Some tips for those who want to follow in our footsteps:
 If I had to do the trip again, I would visit the parks in this order.
Day 1: Carthageland Hammamet first, then Hannibal Park, and finish up at Spring Land.
Day 2: Zahroor Park, then Katkout. Next, Carthageland Tunis and Happy Land - Dahdah. Finally, Soukra Parc. The last two parks close late so should be done last.
The parks in Tunisia have more relaxed opening times than parks in the western world. With this in mind, I would suggest a leisurely start for the day.
Tunisian Arabic is the official language but French is widely spoken. Try to learn a few words of French as they will be very useful. English is less widely spoken, but the staff at most hotels and tourist attractions should be able to speak some. 
We flew in and out of Tunis but one can also use weekly charter flights to Monastir. Sometimes a  package holiday can be extremely well priced if you fancy combining coasters with some sun and sea.
During our stay we never saw any branded food chains. If you are one of those people who looks no further than a McDonalds for daily intake, I suggest you travel elsewhere. 
We hired a car and a driver for the first day but we liked him so much that we decided to keep him for the second day as well. You could hire a car, as the driving isn't too difficult, or you could hire taxis for the parks in Tunis. But just for peace of mind, it would be easier letting a local drive you around. For two or more people, sharing the cost is very reasonable.
It was an interesting trip that we thoroughly enjoyed. We got to experience a new country, its culture and customs. We enjoyed meeting the local people and visiting Tunisia's amusement parks.
 It was a great trip.


  1. You went all the way to Tunisia and didn't visit the original Star Wars desert movie sets? I'm only a casual SW fan but I'd make sure to check that out for the nostalgia value alone.

    1. We never had the time. I couldn't get the extra day off from work.
      We needed another whole day to visit Mos Espa, as it is a seven hour drive from Tunis.
      Maybe next time, as I can see myself returning at some point in the future.