Nero Park

  • Sunday 12th October 2014

While driving back to Tunis from Carthageland Hammamet, George spotted a coaster in the distance. We drove closer to inspect our find. What we found used to be Nero Park. There are a total of four rides here. All of them are in very bad shape. A deteriorating Ferris wheel is near the front entrance. There are a pair of flat rides towards the center right of the park. Lastly the Galaxi/Zyklon style coaster, Roller Coaster is at the rear of the park. The coaster had operated since 2004. It seems the park has been closed for many years, and the rides have been left to rot away.

Looking at the park and its proximity to Carthageland, it is believed that this is a case of big fish eats small fish. Once Carthageland opened, with all its glitz and glamor, the demise of Nero Park began.

Main entrance gate to Nero Park

    Big wheel without its cars.

    The two flat rides in the centre of the park rotting away.

    The Zyklon at the rear of the park.

    The coaster is called Roller Coaster according to the sign above the ride.

    The park is empty apart from these four rides.

     Looking back at the park from the car park.

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